About Us

Fitlyfe specializes in personal coaching couch potatoes to weight loss, muscle gain, and the importance of high quality foods. Through doable exercise and nutrition coaching we prevent chronic diseases and reduce doctor visits.

Alex "Coach Al"

Hey couch potato, My name is Alex, although you can call me Coach AL. I designed 25 minute training programs for the average joe. This will consist of variant calisthenics, light resistance, and anaerobic conditioning exercise programs in just 25 minutes or less. Train 3-5 times a week with me & were guaranteed to lose 15lbs in the first month

Suzie "Chef Su"

Hey couch potato, My name is Suzie but i’m known around as Chef Su; I help beginners  squeeze in high quality meals. My specialty is designing simple meal regimens for you within your circumstance. What foods are you interested in?

"Coach Kim" Kimmy


 Hey couch potato, My name is Coach K for short; Conditioning is my specialty, I can elevate your heart rate to any beats per minute. Count on me to design aerobic and conditioning programs focused on improving endurance, cardiovascular system, and burn calories.

Coach "Kev" Kevin

Hey couch potato, Coach Kev speaking; My specialty is strength training. You want to build muscle or sharpen your body parts you come see me.  I design weight training programs for you to get stronger, toner, and more athletic.