1. How does it work?

In order to get started, download our Fitlyfe - personal training app on your mobile phone and complete the onboarding. Once completed be on the lookout for a text in-app from your coach to schedule a live video call. 

      2. What does the personal coaching membership consist of?

This membership allows us to be your personal coach. Three in-person sessions a week. Even though we train most clients at their home a Fitlyfe Coach will pull up with their personal vehicle to your chosen location (home, work, gym, park). Our Coaches also specialized in nutrition.

      3. Where are we located? Where do we coach clients in-person?

Our headquarters is based in Orlando, Florida. We can train in-person in nearly every state in the U.S. *Only U.S in-person training*

     4. What does the digital coaching membership consist of?

This membership is global and allows you to carry your personal coach in your pocket. On-demand training sessions, live sessions, and progressive programs beginning at your fitness level. High quality food regimens that fit right into your schedule. Activity tracking, water intake goals, and more.